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Eating Well When You’re Broke

So you’re trying to be healthy now? Good for you. Unfortunately, it’s gonna cost you, whether you live at home or you’ve got your own place now. Fresh, organic, non GMO – None of this comes cheap. So here’s a How-To on eating well… with limited funds:

Number 1:

Ditch the fast food. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich” from Starbucks. It’s overpriced by like a million percent. You just paid $5 for a sandwich that only cost like a buck to make. Go to a grocery store; buy a carton of egg whites, a package of turkey bacon and some English muffins. You can make like 10 sandwiches for the same price you paid Starbucks. Voila! Quit being lazy and at least attempt to cook for yourself.


Number 2:

Quit randomly buying in bulk. First of all – Food does expire. When you’re only cooking for one or two people and you bought 5 pounds of ground beef… the rest of your stuff just sits in the fridge and you end up throwing it out. Such a waste! Second of all – Not everything is in season. Just because you see strawberries in the produce aisle, doesn’t mean you should get them. Here are  a few ‘in season’ guides for you. Learn it, live it.


Number 3:

With all of that ^ being said, buying in bulk isn’t always such a bad thing. When it comes to things like rice, beans and oats, you can get away with buying in bulk. Just check the price per unit to make sure you’re not paying more.


Still unsure? Here’s a cheat sheet for buying in bulk.

Number 4:

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. It’s your BFF, seriously. If you’re a guy, you don’t have to admit to having Pinterest. But for sure get one, and use it. Keywords: Cheap. Healthy. Meals. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to survive on lettuce to save your money.


It’s not rocket science, y’all. Start simple. Grill yourself some chicken and [in season] veggies. Invest in a giant tub of oatmeal and some [in season] fruit. Limit your trips to the drive-thru and get a Pinterest. Once you’ve mastered the art of grilled chicken, try something a little more difficult, like Zucchini Lasagna. (I found a recipe on Pinterest the other day and it wasn’t that bad. I felt super proud when I was done. Even took a picture for my mom!)

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This blog was written by FTWCCU Marketing/Digital Commerce Assistant, Sammie Arriola.