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Saving Money When Eating Out

Saving Money When Eating Out

Alright millennials, listen up. I might be wrong in assuming that you’re anything like me but I’m gonna go ahead and give it a shot.

You eat out. A lot. You love Chipotle and Chickfila. You see no shame in stopping at a sushi bar after work. You frequent Starbucks and Sonic on the weekends and then complain that you’re broke.

If this sounds anything like you – keep reading. If not, go back to your Facebook feed and don’t judge me.

Fast food and restaurants are the biggest waste of money EVER. Even more than pre sliced fruit – but that’s for a totally different blog. I’ll admit this much – giving up fast food and restaurants entirely is a bit of a stretch. I believe in treating myself in moderation, the keyword being MODERATION. Here’s how to continue enjoying yourself without absolutely destroying your budget, or lack thereof.

  • If you’re a sucker for Sonic Ocean Waters, limit yourself to Happy Hour. There’s no excuse to pay double the price for a flavored Sprite when the place has half priced drinks almost every day. If you’re paying 1.69 every day for a drink, you’re spending $50/month on a dang blue Sprite. Cut it out. $50 is a tank of gas!
  • Maybe Happy Hour is your weakness. Your favorite thing to do is kickback with a cocktail and some $3 appetizers after work. Get your money’s worth. Don’t order the $3 edamame. Go for the $3 slider. Otherwise you’ll end up making an unplanned stop at Taco Bell on your way home.
  • So maybe your weakness is restaurants in general. You love going to Outback and Buffalo Wild Wings. You’re always craving some of those potato spuds and you can’t get enough of that one brownie sundae dessert. Eating out at places like that is an easy way to rack up a $30 bill by yourself. Save restaurants for weekends or even special occasions. You’ll enjoy it more when you go less frequently, I promise.
  • Starbucks, oh Starbucks. My favorite weakness. Ok so there’s one cool new thing about Starbucks. They have a Rewards Program for the addicts like me. Click here to sign up. If you’re going to spend your money there, at least reap some of the benefits. I believe Chickfila also has an app with rewards of some type. So does Chipotle!
  • So let’s say you waited for a special occasion. You’re going out to dinner for, say, a birthday. It’s a known fact that restaurant portions in America are way too big. There’s no shame in splitting a plate with a friend. Plus that gives you an excuse to order those potato spuds, or a dessert to share.
  • If you don’t have anyone who will share with you, ask for a To Go box. Rather than stuffing your face and feeling miserable afterwards, take half home and have it for lunch tomorrow. Savings and leftovers! It’s a win win.

What are some of your tips for saving money when eating out?


This blog was written by FTWCCU Marketing/Digital Commerce Assistant, Sammie Arriola.