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Life Hacks That’ll Help You Save Money

Life Hacks That’ll Help You Save Money

Whether you are a college student looking towards the future or an established employee planning your retirement we can all use help making our money stretch. Here are a few life hacks that I use that will save you money.

Download more apps. Nearly every store or restaurant has an app that will offer coupons, allow you to collect points to be used on products or notify you of sales. Some, like Wal-Mart’s app, will even price match what you purchased with other local stores. If they find that the items you purchased were being sold somewhere else for cheaper they deposit the difference on a virtual gift card you can use on your next visit. Can’t beat that!

Order your groceries online. Several sites, including some grocery store chains, provide this option. This is a great way to budget your money. You will be surprised how much less you spend when you are not walking the aisles impulse buying. And if you find that what you have in your virtual cart cost more than you budgeted for the week, simply delete those items. Plus with ordering your groceries online you can schedule when you want them delivered or when you will pick them up.

Embrace the Dollar Store and Discount Clothing Store. While not everything at the Dollar Store is a great deal, you can find some good values if you look. Same can be said for the Discount Clothing Store. Items such as socks, shorts and t-shirts can often be found at a very reasonable price. This can be a great resource if you have younger kids who seem to outgrow their clothes quickly.

By making these small adjustments in your life you will quickly notice a difference in how far you can stretch your money.

This post was written by Domingo Garcia, FTWCCU Lending Administrative Assistant.