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8 Tips For Staying Healthy During Flu Season

8 Tips for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Listen. It’s getting chaotic. Hundreds are being infected with the flu virus, vaccinated or not, and dozens more are being infected multiple times. This virus has even claimed a few lives this year and needs to be stopped. Consider making these suggested tips to help keep you and your family healthy for the remainder of this deadly course!

  1. Dress yourselves in Clorox Wipes – I’m not even kidding guys, WEAR this stuff! It only costs a couple of dollars for a container of this heavenly manna. Get into the habit of wiping every service you come in contact with (counters, phones, keyboards, your steering wheel, doorknobs, etc.), and kill germs that are just living on surfaces.
  2. Change your toothbrush – So many people forget this step after being sick! If you brushed your teeth while sick, the germs are still in the toothbrush! Throw that thing away!!
  3. Carry hand sanitizer – Give your hands a quick wash up multiple times throughout the day! Anytime you come into contact with super germy items such as cash, coins, public door handles, etc., lather your hands up!
  4. Stay home! – If you don’t absolutely have to go to the mall, DON’T. GO. Your body needs rest and plus, you don’t want to infect anyone else.
  5. Lysol – Spray your furniture, curtains, pillows, and linens with some Lysol to disinfect your home!
  6. Wash the dog – Scruffy goes outside too and can trail in more filth than dirt!
  7. Take your vitamins! – You should be doing this already, but if you’re like me and just happen to forget (every single morning), try to make it a point to consume these life-saving goodies!
  8. Drink your morning juice – Orange juice is a great intake of vitamin C that will help fight off those horrible viruses and allergens! If fruit juice isn’t your favorite, try making your own drink out of the Emergen-C vitamin supplement drink powder!

Protect yourselves and clean up your areas, we must attack this bad boy head on! What other tips do you have to keep a healthy immune system??