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Creative Ways To Save On Energy

Creative Ways to Save on Energy

Summer is almost here! We can now enjoy our days at the park or take a dip into the pool, but unfortunately high temperatures mean rising electric bills! Here are some creative [somewhat quirky] ways to keep those numbers low!

  • Turn off the A/C when you’re away – This is a no brainer. There’s no need to pay to keep your empty home cool!
  • Make a charging station – Charge your devices with a single power surge, instead of multiple chargers around the house. When not in use, simply flip the switch to the surge off.
  • Unplug devices you don’t use a lot – When is the last time you watched a movie? Though turned off, your plugged in DVD player is still taking up energy!
  • Air dry your clothes – Save costs by limiting your dryer-time use. Hang up your clothes to dry or get a clothing dryer rack.
  • Limit TV time – if you have an iPad or Laptop, streaming shows from there with a quick charge afterward uses way less energy than your TV.
  • Change your bulbs – Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs will save you a ton in the long run!
  • Turn off the lights! – Use natural light from the windows when you can, and only use the light to the room you are in. Utilize lamps instead of the heavy over-head light when you can!

Texas-heat can bring a crippling heatstroke and a nasty sunburn, but it does not have to destroy your wallet! Follow these tips to get an energy bill that wont make you break a sweat!