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Yard Sale Do’s And Don’ts

Yard Sale Do’s and Don’ts

It’s Saturday morning; the coffee is brewing, the birds are chirping, and the yard sales are ready to be scavenged through. If you are anything like me, you can go a little overboard and buy anything and everything just because of the price. Here are some yard sale Do’s and Don’ts to consider the next time you are out on the field!

  • Do plan your yard sale route in advance. Look up online forums the day before for yard sale ads and plan out the route before heading out in the morning! Hit up the sales you are most interested in first – the early bird gets the worm!
  • Don’t expect to get huge discounts in the first hour or two. Early shopping will get you quality over savings. You can find great things for great prices, but the steals will come later in the day.
  • Do search for designer brands. Look for name brand handbags and clothing for a good deal. A lot of thrift and yard sale shoppers score these designer beauties by searching thoroughly and making great purchase decisions. At the right price, you can even make some profit re-selling it online!
  • Don’t leave an interested item for later. If you find something you’re interested in and decide you will go back later for it, don’t leave it behind! Chances are it will not still be there. If it is a great deal and you are envisioning great ideas to use it for, go ahead and snatch it up!
  • Do look for wood furniture to refinish. The latest trend is to take old furniture and give it new life by white-washing, chalkboard painting, or by scruffing it up to look vintage. Pieces like these are really easy to find at yard sales! It’s a great project to revamp your own home décor, or turn around and sell for profit!
  • Don’t buy upholstered furniture. Couches, recliners, and mattresses can be found at great deals, but you may also be purchasing bed bugs or lingering odors! Fabric refreshers work miracles for smells, but they do not kill the dead skin cells and sweat particles cushioned furniture intakes. Skip these purchases to save you from finding something unpleasant later on!
  • Do test out electronics. If it plugs in, test it! Nothing is more disappointing than scoring a great pair of speakers or computer only to later find that it glitches! There is no harm in asking to borrow a wall outlet before making a purchase.
  • Don’t buy electronic kitchenware. Blenders, food processers, and toasters can continue to carry leftovers from months ago and a quick wipe down from the seller would leave you clueless! Unless you plan to take each piece a part, boil it for 30 minutes and then soak it in bleach for another 30 minutes, you may be left better off paying a few extra dollars at a supermarket.
  • Do come prepared with materials. Supply yourself with a blanket, bubble wrap, and grocery bags for the goodies you come across. Wrapping furniture in blankets and packing your valuables up safely will ensure that your amazing deals make it back home in one piece!
  • Don’t bring dogs or small children. Keep in mind that yard sales are on someone else’s property. If something gets broken, you may be liable to purchase it. Play it safe and keep the babies at home for the day!

Yard sales offer a great opportunity to find inexpensive, unique items. By researching your sales in advance and going out prepared, you are sure to make it back home with a few new conversation pieces and money still in your wallet!

Written by Brittney Goolsby, FTWCCU employee.