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6 Ways To Cut Costs When Dining Out

6 Ways to Cut Costs When Dining Out

Let’s face it… Dinner at home is great and all, but nothing beats getting dressed up and eat outside of the humble abode every now and then. But that doesn’t mean you have to bust into your savings account to do so!

Here are some tips to help you save $$ when dining out:

  • Skip out on the appetizers – most restaurants will serve you chips and salsa or bread. That should tie you over until the main course!
  • Order water – Sodas and teas are marked up close to 1,000%! Water is free! Choose wisely!
  • Share your meal – whether you’re dining with the kiddos or your loved one, splitting a plate will cut down major costs! Most restaurants give you more than enough food to share!
  • Save some of your meal – Don’t want to share? Take half to-go! You’ll have something for tomorrow’s lunch andkeep yourself from overeating.
  • Say no to dessert – I KNOW. How dare I even say that?! But, hear me out! Saying no to that $7 piece of cheesecake will allow you to buy a tub of ice cream for everyone!
  • Look for deals online – A lot of restaurants advertise great deals on certain nights on the week! Texas Roadhouse offers a $9.99 steak meal every Wednesday and Applebee’s offers a Dinner for 2 starting at $12.99!

Don’t let budgeting control your need for a great dinner out every once in a while! Be smart, score some deals, and eat good!