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Tips For Turning Down An Invite When It Doesn’t Fit Your Budget

Tips for Turning Down an Invite When it Doesn’t Fit Your Budget

It’s always been a challenge for me to stick to my budget over the summer. School is out and everyone seems to be making plans and sending out invites.

Finding yourself being pushed into a corner having to decide between your budget and a great invite can be tough, especially when it is something you would love to attend! Keeping your focus on a steady budget is very important and should be at the forefront of your mind while being tempted with expensive endeavors! Here are some tips you can use to ditch!

  • Focus the decline on yourself– Saying something like “Ah man! I’m sure going to miss out!” shows that you would have loved to be there and shows your friends that you aren’t just avoiding them.
  • Suggest an alternative– When discussing plans for the weekend, counter your friend’s idea of a night at the casino with a game night at home! Everyone can pitch in for pizza and drinks and still have fun! Picnics and bike rides are great ideas as well!
  • Express you have prior plans, but invite them over– “Thank you for thinking of me! I already made plans for that night, but you guys should totally come over for dinner next weekend!” (It’s a win-win.)
  • Be honest about your savings– Tell your buddies that you are focused on saving for something and are trying to cut costs. Life happens and people understand!
  • Create a small budget for future proposals– If you find yourself always declining hangouts and feel left out, set aside $5 a week to build an allowance for a weekend out! You don’t have to cut yourself off from the world when saving money!

It isn’t hard to have fun while saving money! For more things to do on a budget check out 50 Fun and Affordable Things to do This Weekend!